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Are you tired of being weighed by your doctor for no apparent reason? Do you wish your midwife or your physio or your nurse or your GP would stop focusing on your weight at every single appointment? Maybe you’ve just received a text from your practice asking if you want to be referred to a weight management program and you’re wondering when your healthcare professionals will stop treating you as a number on the scales and start treating you like a human being.  If that’s the case, you’re not alone. I created this website as a free resource for anyone who needs help to say #NOWEIGH to being weighed.

-Dr Asher Larmie-

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No one should expect to be shamed or discriminated against by their health professional.  And yet the number one question I am asked is “how do I stand up for myself in the doctor’s office”. This campaign is my answer to that question. When you can’t quite find your voice, allow this website to speak for you.

Weight stigma and discrimination toward people with larger bodies is widespread and has serious psychological AND physical consequences. This website provides a starting point for health professionals who are interested in the dangers of weight stigma and weight-centric medicine, and are looking to become more weight inclusive. It also explains why your patient has opted to say #NOWEIGH.

We can learn so much from the lived experience of others.  Reflecting on experiences is one of the best ways a clinician can improve their practice. Hearing other people talking about something you have personally experienced can help you feel understood, validated and less alone. For that reason #NOWEIGH is trying to collate the largest ever database of lived experience of medical weight stigma. This section is for people who want to learn, and people who want to share. 

As traumatic as weight stigma is for anyone, it is worse for those who have one of more other marginalized identities because they will experience more than one form of medical stigma every time they try to access healthcare.  That is why it is essential that our activism is intersectional.  This area of the website is still under construction but if you carry one or more additional oppressed identities and wish to contribute, please get in touch for further information.


Dr Asher Larmie, founder of the #noweigh campaign, is a GP and fat activist.  They have over 20 years of medical experience and have been fat for even longer than that.  As the self-styled Fat Doctor, Asher started a weight loss blog in June 2020.  But after years of weight stigma, low self esteem and weight cycling, they soon realised there had to be a better way.  And so their campaign against medical weight stigma began.  They now host a successful podcast and run a number of training courses as well as monthly webinars for people who are interested in learning about weight inclusivity. You can connect with Asher through their webiste, podcast, or on social media. 

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Our mission is to eradicate medical weight stigma by scrapping BMI, ending weight-centered healthcare, and putting “weight management” companies out of business.  And we need your help to get the job done.  

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