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I went to a GP to discuss my menstrual cycle today. I’ve recently moved into the area so I’ve never seen this doctor before. During my consultation he decided to weigh me and I didn’t have the mental capacity to decline. I didn’t look at the scales. He then told me that I needed to lose weight and gave me a weight management card. I am utterly mortified. He didn’t ask if I’m active, how much I exercise, or even if I have a good relationship with food. He didn’t even check whether I’d had a previous issue with an eating disorder.

– Leila, Personal Trainer –

#NOWEIGH Business Card

When you’re used to being stigmatised by health professionals, it is really difficult to advocate for yourself in front them. These business cards can be downloaded, printed and kept with you at all times. The QR code on the front will take you directly to the For Patients section of this website.  The code on the reverse will take you to the For Professionals section.

#NOWEIGH Letter To Health Professional

Many people find it helpful to let their health professional know about their wishes in advance.  You can download this PDF and send it to as many professionals as you like.  Ask for it to be placed in your records so that everyone can read it in advance and avoid any awkward conversations in the future. 

#NOWEIGH For Specific Conditions