Ready to say NO WEIGH?

So you've decided to ditch the diet, throw out the weighing scales, and embrace weight inclusive care? Congratulations! You've taken the first step to a healthier and happier life. Here's what you can do next...

Four things you can do straight away

Learn more about weight inclusive care

For information about weight inclusive care

Health At Every Size®-Based Guides for Blame-Free, Shame-Free Explanations of Common Medical Conditions

For information about weight inclusive nutrition

Your Fat Futurist Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Coach UK, Jeanette Thompson-Wessen is here to support you to actually feel OK in the body you have right now and to help you become nourished using Intuitive Eating.

For information about body happy children

Here at The Body Happy Organisation we believe that all children in all bodies have the right to know their body is a good body.

For information about weight inclusive fertility

Helping fat folks navigate getting pregnant in a weight-obsessed world. You deserve to feel support and cared for whilst navigating getting pregnant – not shamed into losing weight based on non-evidence based practices.

Recommended Reading

NO WEIGH: 14 Reasons Why Doctors Shouldn't Prescribe Weight Loss
An essential guide to embracing and respecting all bodies, for readers aged 9+
Body Happy Kids: How to help children and teens love the skin they're in.
A Black Fat Girl's Guide to Living Life Unapologetically
The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness
Taking Up Space in a World That Wants to Shrink You
The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia
An explosive indictment of the systemic and cultural bias facing plus-size people.

Find Out More About Dr Asher Larmie (Founder of NO WEIGH!)

Dr Asher Larmie is a Transmasculine weight-inclusive GP and leading expert in weight stigma. With over two decades of medical experience and a lifelong journey as a Fat person, Asher is combatting weight stigma and promoting weight-inclusive care as the self-styled Fat Doctor.


For updates on the upcoming book and the campaign for weight inclusive care

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