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It is my belief that everyone should have access to the information provided on this website.  That is why I wanted to make it freely available to all, including the downloadable resources.  If you have benefited from it, please consider supporting the campaign so that together we can reach as many people as possible

-Dr Asher Larmie, Fat Doctor- 


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Simply using the hashtag #noweigh will help get the word out.  But the more creative you are, the better. From time to time, we will be trying to drive interest in the campaign by getting our hashtag trending on various platforms. Make sure to follow us on all our social media channels, so that you can be part of it.

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We are trying to create the world’s largest collection of lived experience of medical weight stigma. You can submit yours anonymously using this form.

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#noweigh is an international campaign to eradicate medical weight stigma through education and empowerment. We want to see an end to BMI, unsolicited weight loss advice, weight-centered healthcare and the “weight management” industrial complex. We not only provide free resources for anyone experiencing medical weight stigma, but we also fight for the rights of people with large bodies who are suffering as a result of inequalities in healthcare.

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We will provide you with regular updates through the GoFundMe platform and continue to raise funds this way until we decide on whether to register as a charity/CIC. Our goal is to remain completely transparent in the way we distribute funds and you can find out more here.

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